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In today’s business climate, companies, products and services need a unique and well- define identity, one that is memorable and that projects a coherent corporate culture.

This is the essential service IDEA SKEMA provides as firm specialized in identity management and strategic communications. We create, develop and implement solid, effective and lasting identities for companies, corporations and institutions.



Corporate Identity: Image and Reality

Corporate identity is a company’s most prominent visual manifestation and what it displays about itself in every facet of its communication.


From a name to a logotype. From a symbol to a brand.


Effective visual communication matches image to reality, delineates the essence of a corporation and projects singularity.


IDEA SKEMA’s role is to clarify the message and unify communications, thereby shaping public awareness and fostering accurate perception of the company.



Design: Diagnosis, Strategy and Creativity

At IDEA SKEMA, the process by which an identity is constructed involves three basic interactive phases.


A diagnostic phase: we evaluate a company’s internal operations, its market and its competition through interviews, visual audits and research.


A strategical phase focuses on the identification of goals and communication objectives. Images priorities are stablished to define the corporation substance and distinctiveness.


A final, creative phase draws inspiration from both the diagnostic and the strategical phases, to execute the design objectives, the final expression of which is corporate identity.

A full range of communication services

IDEA SKEMA has the resources to control communications, by creating individuality and reaching the right audiences with  the right ideas


It dedicates the time necessary to understand a company so as to give voice to its purposes and aspirations


Regardless of the size of a project or the scope of services rendered, IDEA SKEMA’s designs transcend convention to forge powerful identities

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